Thursday, 18 August 2011

Girls Week

We're having 'Girls Week' this week. Hamish is back at Kita, and Orla and I are spending some quality time together. Mother and daughter time. We've never really been able to do too much of that, she was only 15 months when Hamish came along, and normally I have them both together and don't have much opportunity to spend one-on-one time with them.

So before she starts school I thought it would be nice if we spent some time doing some of the things that she would like to do. Admittedly, we've also had to do some things that she hasn't wanted to do, like picking up documents from the doctors and taking Hamish for his U7 tests (that's the standard age 3 tests here), but we've also gone to the cinema and saw Cars 2 in German ( and because the German schools have gone back it was easy to explain the bits that she didn't understand as we were the only ones in the cinema. And we went to an ice-cream shop, and we went shopping for art supplies and things for her schuletute, and we've done some craft projects.

And because I knew it would make her really happy, I finally got my act together and finished sewing the dress I've been making for her. It's been hanging on the outside of her wardrobe for hmm... months, so it was about time. I also managed to make a drawstring bag to hold her school tights in which was easy-peasy and I'm rather chuffed with. We've also done some baking and some craft projects, and while my house is now awash with sequins and Hama beads which keep appearing in the oddest of places (like Stevie's dinner), we've had some really good fun. If you want to see more of the bouncy bed pink dress photos then head over to fiona gray . paints.


  1. Aww so cute and she certainly looks happy with the dress, the bouncing and the extra Mummy time :D

  2. This sounds awesome, and I love the dress. I trust you are going to do matching ones for you, Stevie and Hamish?

  3. Ah, no. October is coming and we have the Tchibo catalogue to hand. I think you'll be finding us all in drindls and lederhosen. I am quite taken with them at the moment. They even sell them in C&A!

  4. I would kill for a dirndl. I LOVE them.

  5. You need to check out the drindl section of the C&A website. Honestly. They have lots of really pretty ones in gorgeous colours. I have no idea what they are made of, but I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it might not be a good idea to be wearing it near any naked flame.

  6. I love the photo ... and I too find hama beads in the oddest of places!


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