Friday, 5 August 2011

I return: unusually slightly brown.

I'm back! I'm back! I made sure to phone my mum just in case she hadn't slept the whole time I was away worrying about internet interviewing murderers and the like, but it seemed that she had forgotten that we might all be lying in shallow Wiesbaden graves as she'd had a marvellous day at Zumba and tap. I was a bit miffed to be honest. Not even a restless night tossing and turning. Rubbish.

As usual in our quest to 'fit in as many places in Germany in the short time we may have left in this country without driving the kids mental in the process' we managed to see a fair amount of German hotspots. We started off in Nürnberg, then jumped right in to the Playmobil Funpark, then off to Günzburg, (which we've visited before) to go to Legoland Deutschland. From there we went to our holiday apartment in Allensbach on the Bodensee, and then visited Konstanz, Meersburg, Friedrichshafen, and Zurich. Then we headed back up through the west stopping at Stuttgart for the night, Wiesbaden (to see the lovely Frau Dietz), and Frankfurt. And then we faced a mammoth journey back to Berlin.

I'd like to say it was non-stop, but there was a lorry fire on the motorway so there was a great big stop for an hour and a half which only made Stevie drive even faster on the Autobahn. I had to close my eyes at 190 kph. I can only do 150kph before I start to feel a little scared. I am not even going to convert 190kph into mph as I'll probably be sick. And as I've just eaten a 95 cent (!) Creme Egg bought today at the British shop and then hidden (and thought about longingly) until the kids were asleep, it's just not worth it.

And now, it's very late, so I'll have to leave all my holiday tales for another time. But I hope you're all relieved that we're still alive, or were you too busy doing the time step too? Man, I knew it!

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