Saturday, 13 August 2011

Postcards from Germany: Legoland & Günzburg

Paddling as fast as they can to get away from the wasps.

Squeal with delight if you want to go faster!

The pretty wasp-free streets of Günzburg

Ah...I've just realised that this photo doesn't really show the curvy roofs. Oh well, you'll just have to go yourself and have a look, as I'm too lazy to change the photo.

So after the Playmobil Funpark we moved on to Günzburg for the night before hitting Legoland Deutschland. This was our second visit. We went in April on our trip to Munich and Regensburg, Augsburg, Bamburg and the CzechRepublic. Ideally I would have liked to have had a little more space between the Playmobil trip and the Legoland trip just to eek things out a bit, but god forbid, we might have missed out on the wasps had we done it that way.

My enduring memory of Legoland is of the wasps. They are everywhere. Gazillions of them. You can't stand still for more than a second or you'll have 3 of them at you with back-ups on the way. So it's best to keep on moving. Which was fine when we came in April because the queues were almost non-existent, but some queuing was required this time round and the wasps were driving us all nuts. Eating was not a pleasure.

But Legoland was still great. The kids loved it. Same as last time. We didn't spend as much time this time round walking round mini-Germany, but I did go back and check out Frankfurt, just to make sure that was the place I fancied visiting. It was - but you know what, I think I prefer the Legoland version to the real version.

Anyway, the other thing about the last time we visited is that we didn't actually go into Günzburg the last time we went to Legoland. We stayed in a farmhouse outside of the town. But we went out for dinner there and if you are planning on visiting Legoland Deutschland, I would highly recommend a visit to the town. It's full of lovely architecture, with buildings with curvy roofs, and all painted pretty colours and little tree-lined streets. And less wasps.


  1. That ride in the second picture is a killer. I was fine until it started to go backwards.....

    Interesting to hear about the wasp thing though. We were thinking of going in the next few weeks, but we might wait a bit until the cold weather sorts out the wasp problem.

    I am also ashamed to admit that despite visiting Legoland several times a season we have never been to Gunzburg. It is now on the list. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Yes, Legoland is a bit of a 'wasp'-land at the moment - though you will be able to tell whether the wasps are still in residence when you get into the queue as they join you from the beginning.

    Gunzberg is lovely and they have a really nice ice-cream shop.

    Oh, and yes, I agree with you about that second ride! But it's great! My two love it.


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