Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fantastisch! Or something like that. Without the spelling mistakes.

Ten things I love about April 1st:

1. A lovely friend has just told me she's pregnant, and I am as thrilled and excited as though it were me.

2. This mornings news that the SECONDMENT IS ON!!! and may be starting at the beginning of May.

3. It's the birthday month. We practically have a birthday every second day in April. Stevie's brother today, then my sister tomorrow, then me and my birthday twin Carmella on the 10th, then oodles of kids and my gran.

4. I am eagerly awaiting some lovely things from Australia - very excited, one for my sister and one for me!

5. The sun is out and I'm off with my friends to ride on the little train in the park. Let's hope it stays so nice.

6. Lots of lovely nights out with friends coming up, and one last night with my friend A who is sick of the dating scene and has tried everything from salsa dancing to speed dating with internet dating in between to find a nice man who has at the very least had a girlfriend before and doesn't turn up for a date with his v -neck jumper on back to front.

7. Watching Hamish colour in his face today with a piece of chocolate made me laugh.

8. Making new Facebook friends with old school friends and seeing all their children looking just like them.

9. Doing a lovely drawing for Orla's bedroom.

10. Listening to the house phone being thrown to the floor 3 times since I started this...

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