Saturday, 5 March 2011

Orla's Doll's House

Orla got a wooden dolls house from her Granny at least a year ago. It's the plain wooden one from Toys R Us that's a complete bargain at just £50 which comes complete with 100 little bits for you to stand on with bare feet and scream in agony.

I've been meaning to paint it ever since she got it, and I kept getting brochures through the door for Aspace, an expensive childrens furniture company, and I loved one of the dolls houses they sell (see below). Lovely, and not too pink.


So it's also been on my 'to do' list since the start of the year, and last night I decided to get started. Orla caught me though as I was carrying it out of her room at bedtime and asked what I was doing, and when she found out, she put in an order that it must have a pink roof. Not that that spoiled what I wanted or anything...

So I did as much as I could last night, and only have to complete the 'client amends' from this morning's review session. Apparently the door isn't 'pink enough' and the roof should have her name on it, with a big 'O', and it needs trees by the door and a little daschund (well that's what I want to do anyway). But I might make the daschund have a pee against one of the trees just for the 'client's' amusement.


  1. AWESOME customization!!! Well done -- and in ONE night? Amazing.

  2. That is totally brilliant, love it, it looks awesome. I never had a doll's house, but I did let Action Man play in Barbie's Kitchen. My god why does everything I say at the moment sound like a euphemism?!!

  3. Hi Fiona, totally inspired by this to paint my daughter's house a similar shade. Love it. Can I ask what type of paint you used? Thanks, El


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