Wednesday, 23 March 2011

DSD - The Harlem Globetrotters

Yeah, yeah, I know. The Harlem Globetrotters isn't your kind of thing. Heard it already. And I already said, "You are going to change your mind when you see my big foam finger!". Or rather, you would if I had one.

What's wrong with the merchandisers these days? Don't they know what the customer (i.e. me) wants? Apparently they think we want hugely expensive t shirts and basketballs. Actually they did have a cute tiny t-shirt that Hamish could have grown into, but I would have had to sell one of Stevie's kidneys to get it, and the print looked like it might come off after a couple of washes.

So this was my big 'Do Something Different' thing. I saw a poster for the Harlem Globetrotters in the U-Bahn and thought I really have to go and see them. So we did. Not exactly my thing, nor Stevie's thing, but that was the whole point. Now that we have discovered the joy of babysitters (thankyou, lovely Sarah!) we are making the most of our time here in Berlin and trying out new stuff.

The 'show' had started just before we arrived and after the first couple of minutes I turned to see Stevie's face kind of mangled into a why-the-hell-did-you-bring-me-here look. I was kind of wondering the same thing but as it was my idea I managed to intercept this thought before it hit my face. You see for us, we hadn't really known what to expect, and what we got was akin to a Disney-teenage-film version of a basketball match. It could almost have made for real cringe-worthy viewing, had we not got dragged into sharing the German audience's enthusiastic response.

The Globetrotters played the part of the naughty, cheeky, good guys. The referee played the grumpy, appalled master, and the other team, well they just made sure they didn't upstage the Globetrotters. So there were antics, floating balls, water being thrown about, tutus, costumes getting ripped off, and lots of fancy ball moves. And it turned out it was great. We really enjoyed it.

The music was brilliant, the audience participation was funny, I can't fail to be impressed by someone hanging off a basketball hoop upside down, and on top of that it made us realise that we actually wouldn't mind watching a 'proper' basketball match, or going and seeing something at the Olympics. (Now that would be different!).

One of the best bits was near the end when they brought another little boy down from the audience to participate. They handed him a ball, and I thought they were going to do that thing where one of them lifts the boy up so that he can just pop the ball into the hoop. But when they handed this little 8 year old the ball, he just launched it at the hoop and it went straight in! The whole audience went crazy, and the Globetrotter that had selected him started screaming "Mein Sohn!" (my son!). It was so cool, and I bet he's had a great time today telling all his friends at school.

So there you go. It was ace. We had loads of 'Disney-fied' fun, and in actual fact would consider going to see them again when the kids get to about 8 or 9 and would utterly love it. I better get a big foam finger next time though.


  1. Holy smokes -- we just spent the weekend in Hamburg where we went to the game! I don't know who loved it more... my 4 y/o OR my German hubby!
    The little boy at our game made the shot when they brought him down to the floor too... now I'm wondering if he was planted!!!

  2. Oh no, I'm really disappointed that he might have been planted. But it makes sense! Hope you enjoyed it! We just spent Saturday in Hamburg too - talk about coincidences. Though you wouldn't have wanted to meet me; I was so grumpy! Ha, ha!

  3. Gawd, no pressure on the planted kid!! This looks like fun. I think? Foam fingers always remind me of Gladiators.

    ps I am trying to write you an email, how do I do that? Or please can you send me one, I have an email link on me blog :)

  4. Yes, I am not really sure why I want a big foam finger, I just know I want one. And I want a hotdog. And yes, I am thinking about the eyelids and yucky bits that go into the hotdog now, and all of a sudden I just want the foam finger on it's own.

    I think maybe I want to realise all those teen American movies I watched in my teenage years and have a stereotypical American experience. I suspect my views of American life and what consitutes something 'totally awesome' is a little skewed.

    I mentioned to an American friend that when I went to New York I went on a hunt for a traditional diner. She laughed and thought I was nuts. But I love them when I see them on TV. Doesn't everyone still want to go to a diner like the one in Twin Peaks and have a coffee and a bit of cherry pie? (or is it just me?)

  5. If you make your own sausage (including hot dogs) from cuts of meat you buy yourself and then grind, you feel much better about them. We've done that a couple times now. But not yet with hot dogs, specifically.

    I too, still want to go to a Twin Peaksish dinner for cherry pie (but I'll skip the coffee in favor of my own).

    Foam finger, you're on your own though!


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