Monday, 7 March 2011

DSD - The Night (Afternoon) of the Jumps

It looks like springtime at the O2.

Blue skies and the promise of warmer weather. Yay!

Wow! That's mighty impressive!

Hmm...ok, now I want to hear the crowd collectively gasp when you fall off and break something.

So March is turning into my 'do something different' month. Living in a capital city gives us so many more opportunities to try out different things; things that for us living in Derby wouldn't be on our doorstep (or just 2km away). Normally we would have to travel to go to things and we wouldn't then just think 'ok, let's just do it' we'd probably be wondering 'hmm, is it really worth it?'.

So anyway, towards the end of the month we're going to something that I would never normally go and see. For starters, it'd probably be in London, and then I wouldn't even have bothered because it's not something I am desperate to see. It's a one-off thing, and I'm very excited about it, but I am keeping it secret. For now.

But yesterday, we went to the O2 and saw 'The Night of the Jumps'. This was Stevie's choice. In all honesty neither of us is into motorcross, or stunt bikes or whatever it was that we actually saw, but it was a lot of fun.

The first 10 minutes we sat with our stomachs and hearts lurching as these guys flew through the air, let go of the bikes and then re-mounted mid-flight, did 360 degree backward rotations, and all sorts of other stuff. But 20 minutes in, I was thinking 'yup, I've seen that move already', and by the end of the first hour I couldn't help but wish that someone would just fall off. I bet I wasn't the only one. I'm sure that's what makes it so exciting for some folk, the fact that there's a chance that it'll all go wrong and end up like watching 'You've Been Framed'.

I'm glad I saw it though. The skill involved is undoubtable. Some of them made it look so easy and effortless, and there wasn't a single person in the place who wasn't impressed by the 13 year old who came on and flung himself and his bike off ramps at huge heights performing amazing jumps with astounding skill.

We left though after the first half. We'd both kind of seen enough and we hadn't realised it was going to be a full afternoon and we had the babysitter to get back to. Still, I am glad I had the chance to go. It was good fun even if it wasn't my 'thing'.

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  1. I was going to say it's not really my thing either but actually it looks brilliant. I don't think I'd be able to watch it live though, I don't think my nerves would hold out.


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