Monday, 22 March 2010

Berlin update featuring Brendan update!

Time for a Berlin move update I think. Stevie ran into the Chief Engineer on the stairs last week who told him he thought it was ridiculous that RR is a global company and yet it is nigh on impossible to get a secondment sorted out. So he said he would see to it. Stevie made a rare phone call to me from work quite excited at the prospect. I am worried that because it is now the Chief Engineer looking into sorting it out that no matter what he gets, Stevie will be obliged to accept it. Hello, to Rolls-Royce Germany's new Toilet Unblocker!

After my sales disaster (or so I thought) at the NCT sale last week, I got my cheque through on Saturday. I managed to sell £225 worth which was a complete surprise. The second I clocked the amount I was already starting a list in my head of lovely things I'd like to buy. I got as far as 'a big inspiring art/craft/photography book' when Stevie 'gloomed' the frivoulous joy out of my heart and said "That means you can use that money for food, etc, and I don't need to give you any." Bah humbug. On the plus side he is going to go to town on the camera fund, so i don't feel too bad.

Sunday started early as usual but this time I was up BEFORE Hamish to get ready for the car boot sale. My plan was to get in and out as quickly as possible and also find a good home for Brendan-Black-Bingo-Bob. I ended up being about the 10th last car in, which worked out well as I got an excellent spot - what I class as an excellent spot is as easy for me to get to the exit as possible. Anyway, the clothes sold well, as did the toys. Brendan got a lot of admiring glances, but I just wasn't going to let him go for a couple of quid. Plus the people all looked a bit scabby. *Update* I had put Brendan on Ebay and mentioned it on here, but my sister quickly realised her responsibilities and has given him a home.

Anyway, I made another £150 at the car boot sale, and then came home frozen to the core. We went to Olivia's party in the afternoon which was lovely. We were a bit worried that the kids wouldn't enjoy it as all the other party guests were 5 and maybe wouldn't want to play with 'the babies', but they had a cracking time. Hamish got an insight into his 20's and had hoards of girls running after him trying to cuddle and kiss him. He loved it! I really hope Orla is not going to turn into a pop band groupie when she grows up. She was lingering about the clown with the same air of devotion she normally reserves for the postman.

Tonight is my last pottery night and I should have an extra special bowl to show you tomorrow! I'm expecting it to be hideous as I was encouraged to use a lot of sparkly glazes, and I think there might be a fair bit of overkill on the sparkle front.

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  1. SO cute that Orla is devoted to the Post Man! I love that!


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