Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I bring my fish bowl home

I brought home some more of my pottery the other night. This is Orla and Hamish's favourite, the fish bowl. I had noticed that some people in another class had been melting little bits of glass inside little pots and bowls and came up with the idea of creating a little pond for some goldfish. It would have been nice if the glass had stayed transparent, but I still like the cracked, textured look I ended up with. All in, it cost me £4.70 and £3 of that was the vase from Dunelm Mill.
Orla keeps picking it off the table to show Hamish, and he dutifully shouts "Wow!". That's my boy!!


  1. Lovely bowl! I'm very impressed.

    I just stopped by because I saw your comment on the Mums Abroad section of British Mummy Bloggers site. I moved to Bosnia when my two were about the ages that yours are now, and I also put them in nursery to help them learn the language. If you want to talk to someone who's been through the experience of it all, do get in touch! (my email is on the contact page of my blog, I'm not comfortable putting it onto a comments page!)


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