Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Would you employ this man after a 5 minute interview?

I have yet to work out how to edit my posts. At the moment I am just a little too tired to try very hard at it so here is another post on the previous subject. Stevie had his interview. It went something like this:

Interviewer: Hi, that's an impressive CV you've got for this job!
Stevie: Yes, well, I am doing the same role here so I have a lot of experience.
Interviewer: Tell me a bit about your technical skills.
Stevie: Blah, blah, blah, Trent 1000, blah, blah, airplane engines, blah blah, submarines even, and here are some numbers and engineering maths-y bits and bobs.
Interviewer: Right, well you sound like the man for the job. When can you start?
Stevie: 6 weeks (that's enough time for Fiona to pack all of our bags, run my toothbrush round the toilet bowl, remember to pack my inhalers, boil wash the house, sell our shared history on eBay, get rid of the 96 items of baby clothing plus skip full of toys, equipment and highchairs, disperse things we want to keep down to Devon and up to Scotland, throw a party for a 3 year old plus a joint party for about 6 3 year olds and their siblings, find us accommodation in Berlin, and carry on with day to day life changing nappies, making meals, and trying to keep up with the constant whirlwind of mess that comes courtesy of two toddlers)
Interviewer: Ok fine. (Sounds like a good woman you've got there. How would she like to be a rich German man's plaything? I'll buy her a fast car with 2 child seats and promise her real haircuts).

I may have made up the bit about haircuts, but the rest is pretty much verbatim.

P.S. Photo is of Stevie the Wonder-Interviewee wearing a breast-feeding tent courtesy of Carmella. Orla is also in this photo, under the tent, having a cuddle.


  1. In that outfit? Definitely!

    PS - the whole expat thing, not speaking the language thing? It'll be fine...

  2. Well I guess it is all Green-Go then! Congratulations.

    You will do it all with flair and style, I am sure.

    Real haircuts... now that sounds like a dealbreaker!


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