Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The best things in life are 3 !!!

Hamish modelling the Disney Princess Wig

The Granny on the left is oozing positivity

Orla blowing out her candles on my patchy Mickey Mouse cake.
You can't buy them like that in Asda!

My lovely tantrum-throwing Orla turned three this weekend. We decided not to go mad on presents because we're moving and told everyone just to get small, light things. I think this was tough on the Uncles who always like to get her big toys, but it would be even tougher on them if they saw them on eBay a week later.

With both sets of grandparents down to visit we just had a small party. I was all set, I ordered my black icing in advance, and made a Mickey Mouse cake (as per client request) the night before. Sadly, I'm just never that organised and I didn't quite order enough, so the ears were quite bare, ha, ha! I rolled it as thin as I could, it was as thin as paper, but still just not quite enough. I would have disguised it by putting ribbon round it, but what with it being 11pm the night before the party, I just couldn't get my hands on any.

Stevie was dreading the weekend despite taking zero part in the organisation. He even took to his bed on the day of the party a bit like a character in a Bronte novel who has 'had a turn'. A good time was had by all, except perhaps by Frank, who sat/stood/roamed with his coat on the whole time as though he might do a runner at any moment. One day I will blog lots of Frank stories, but I fear it might have to be long after he is dead.

My mum was on fine, cheery form too. She gave me a heart-shaped locket which she said she was going to give me on my 40th, but was giving me it now 'because she probably wouldn't last that long'. It's only 4 years! She's 66 and doesn't seem at deaths door. You can't beat the positive thinking in my family. Should I start preparing Orla for the worst by saying "Sadly, Mamie's not going to make it to your 7th birthday"? "Mind you, she never made it to your 1st birthday either, but we won't hold it against her...much".


  1. Happy Birthday! And I'm having a good chuckle at the positive thinking :o)

  2. I'm supposed to be sorting out the laundry, but I had to come over because your title was so inviting. In fact I might have to nick it in about three weeks' time.... Love the cake too. L is dithering between a butterfly, an elephant and "an L cake". "Whoopee" I thought, "even I can write L's name in smarties on a cake". Not so. She wants a full rendition of herself. In icing...

    Happy Birthday to Orla!

  3. Well now that Orla is 3 and moving to Berlin - those tantrums will be a thing of the past! But I suspect that Hamish will need to continue wearing his hair piece.
    Could you consider taking Frank with you to Berlin - if you have him with you, then people will hardly notice your barely there German...they will be too busy watching him.
    As to your ma... My Mother Outlaw has been threatening to cark it for about 10 years now, she pulls it out of the drawer every time there is a family event - last Xmas I called her on it by saying "well it might be MY last Xmas... so you WILL come to Xmas lunch at my house"... she did, but grudgingly... and left as soon as her spoon hit the empty trifle bowl...missing out on the mince tarts that ... oh sorry I am just waffling on...

    Love the cake! Very Clever!

  4. Dish up the Frank stories (he will never know) if his son thought leather was from monkey hands who knows what classics he will come out with!


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