Friday, 15 January 2010

Berlin, here we come! (at least for the weekend)

We have booked a weekend in Berlin for the end of the month. I am both thoroughly excited about going and breaking my heart as we are going with keine kinder! (look at that, I am practically fluent, and here was me about to order the Michael Thomas cd's, pah!). I am trying not to think about being away from the kids as it sends a shiver down my spine and hideous thoughts of 'what-if-we-die-in-a-plane-crash-I-don't-want-stevie's-parents-brining-up-the-kids' into the forefront of my mind. Not that I am a pessimist but 2 days will be the very longest I have been away from them, and it makes me feel ill. (on the other hand, I am looking forward to 2 nights of excellent uninterupted sleep)

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