Wednesday, 13 January 2010

blueberry intolerant

Today is also the day I discovered that both my children are blueberry intolerant and both managed to be sick from one blueberry each. I bet they wouldn't if they were ensconced in muffins.

New Years Quest No.1 - get Hamish to eat fruit and veg.

New Years Quest No.2 - get Hamish to put his own cars back in the car bin before I utterly cripple myself in bare feet. Pick-up trucks are the devils work!

New Years Quest No.3 - don't be too disappointed when the first two quests don't happen. (sigh)


  1. Pick up trucks are nothing compared to stepping on a piece of lego at 3am..... now THAT is the devil's work!

  2. Actually since then even I have had worse. We're not yet at the lego stage (which everyone has warned me about!), but I stood on a plastic alsation and that came close to the pain of my last c-section where the anaethetist 'forgot' to write up any follow-up pain relief and they made me walk to the bathroom...oh how you can laugh at these things with the passing of time!


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