Thursday, 21 January 2010

it's all about the square metreage!

Yea! good news! I have used some time I would normally be wasting on Facebook to measure this house. Admittedly I did cheat a little by getting the house details out from when we bought it which handily had some of the room measurements in metres so really I only needed to measure the width of the hallway and have done a little adding up to get the full width and length of both downstairs and upstairs.

Why? Well, we started looking at apartments in Berlin a few weeks ago and were getting a bit worried about how little space we might be getting for our budget. Of course it didn't help that neither of us seems able to visualise in square metres and had no concept of what we were looking for really. I am far more used to seeing room measurements in imperial measurements.

Anyway, we had thought we were looking for 125ms, and looking at some photos online we were thinking that was going to be a stretch - some of the bedrooms have looked utterly tiny! Now having measured our house I feel like one of those people on 'Escape to the Country' who walk in to a kitchen about the size of a football pitch, and say "hmmm... I don't really think there's enough room in here for the two of us". Ah, the luxury! We currently have 96 ms and we both had started having slight second thoughts about the move if it meant having to live in an apartment much smaller than where we are now. This has been weighing on my mind quite a bit. But why has it taken me so long to get round to checking the size of where we are???

Probably the whole chicken pox nonsense. That seems to have taken up quite a lot of my time and I have been surviving on very little sleep so getting through the days practically like a zombie.

So I have sent the good news to Stevie by text - wait and see, how long will it take before he says we should just look for 100ms and not 125ms. I wonder ... a day?

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