Monday, 25 January 2010

a box of baby books

I finally gathered together my baby books in order to sell them on one way or another. I had a look on ebay to see how much they might go for, and it looks as though you might not even get a pound for them; people just don't seem able to sell them. Anyway my sister had suggested I do a car boot sale, and to be honest when I did one just before I had Orla I did really well with my books. I sold them at 50p each, but quickly realised by the fact that my stall cleared in about 10 minutes that I was under-selling. Still, as Orla was sitting on my bladder at the time I was just happy to get out of there as quickly as possible.

This time round I think I might price more accurately. Who knows how much I have spent on baby and pregnancy and toddler books, but lets put it this way, I have 18 of them. A bit excessive, but how I enjoyed them! I am keeping back a couple of the toddler ones for the moment, but the rest have to go. I am slowly but surely clearing my over-flowing shelves and I like how they are starting to look.

I have also made enquiries into selling at the next NCT sale in Mickleover. I have tons and tons of toys and clothes and equipment to get rid of so hopefully I will make a nice sum of money from that too while giving something back to the NCT.

And finally, I have started watching some Phil and Ted's prams selling on ebay to see how much they go for. I am uber-excited about selling the pram! I am hoping to get around £200 for it even with its shopping basket damage. I am not looking forward though to sitting of an evening and sewing the hole up. Next week maybe...

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