Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hiding from the day

It's now been three long days and itchy nights of chicken pox and I am struggling with the lack of sleep. The kids seem intent on playing up. Within the last two lines Hamish has thrown a chocolatey hand on to my trousers and then thrown himself to the ground by tripping over a fire engine and now is having a good cry. I am counting down the minutes until Stevie comes home and just wish the kids would watch tv and not make a mess...

I n e e d m y b e d

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  1. Oh no.. chicken pox are dreadful! Poor little poppets (do you have a good supply of wine in the house?)

    My 2 nieces (then aged 8 & 10) came to visit many years ago.. and both of them came out in pox the day they were supposed to fly home.. that was fun.


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