Saturday, 3 April 2010

Time for a minor panic

Someone sent me a text last night asking how the packing was going and if I wanted them to come round this week and help. Apart from laughing initially in response at how unorganised I am compared to others (I know some people who pack for a holiday a month before they go!!! Madness, I'd never be out of that suitcase. For starters I don't have enough stuff to just leave a caseful untouched, and my two little assistants would find it irresistible and would be removing and adding to it for the entire month and I'd end up with 6 blobs of plasticine and 2 pieces of a Fifi jigsaw and no shoes or toiletries). My second thought was if I asked her round this week what would I actually do? I could throw out that apple crumble that went out of date in March, or I could... what?, go upstairs and have a nap?

The trouble is, we have yet to find out what happens with this move. We have heard tales that RR arranges for a company to come in and pack everything right down to the pictures on the walls, and the knickers in your drawer. But if I'm wrong, then we're probably in trouble.

Yet, I am finding it impossible to get into a panic about this. Maybe cause we don't have an exact date it makes it less real that we'll be living in a different country in a months time or less.

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  1. I have been happier since I embraced the notion that I am a last-minute packer. That's just what I am. So now, instead of fretting and doing little bits here and there for a few days, and then doing it properly the night before, I just acknowledge "I am a last-minute packer" and leave it all to the night before. Much more relaxing.

    An international move is different, I have to confess, but the same principle applies!

    Nice to have an offer of help, though.


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