Sunday, 4 April 2010

the last plate

I got my last piece back from pottery. I'd had high expectations for it: I'd painted a really nice lily on it in different glazes, but I wanted it to be quite subtle so put more white on on top. Well, subtle is not the word. You couldn't see it at all. But this provided me with the perfect opportunity to try out porcelain pens. I've been eyeing these for a while. Unfortunately they didn't have the colours left that I wanted, and being an impatient sort I just went with what they, green, and navy.
I don't think there is any hiding the 'felt-tip' look that they give so I've tried to use it to its advantage. Once I'd done it I was in two minds about wiping it off and starting again, as it really doesn't look like my usual kind of thing, but I decided to stick with it and baked it in the oven this morning. Now supposedly it'll be dishwasher safe, but I'm not sure how well the actual plate would cope as it's not glazed on the reverse.

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