Friday, 16 April 2010

Fiona tries to hang some washing on the radiators.

2 items. 'What do you need? Something to eat because nursery lunches are the size of a 50p piece? Ok.' 1 item. 'Ok, Orla you need something now because he has something. f a i r e n o u g h!'. 3 items. 'You want the same as her now...grr...great!'. 1 item. Much screaming. 'What's he done? Mummy will be through in a minute'. 1 item. Screamer enters room. 'Ok, I'll go and give him into trouble now'. Re-enter room. 1 item. 'Hamish! Get out of the toilet!!'. Retrieve son from heavily bleached toilet. Stop to look and admire gushingly daughter's lovely elephant picture. Return to room. 2 items. 'He's done what?!' . Go to other room to break up argument over crayons. Start to hang washing on radiator but stop to wipe felt tip pen off sons face applied in the form of make-up. 2 items. Get daughter more juice. Make afternoon bed on sofa for daughter's nap. 1 item. Stop son from breaking little drawer off DVD player and put on Bugs Bunny. 1 item. Move into hallway. 1 item. Pick up the rest of the contents of the washing basket that son has tipped on floor. Help son hang Ninky Nonk fleece on radiator (1 item). Re-pick up contents of washing basket once again tipped on floor. Start to climb stairs. Go back down to break up wrestling match over half-eaten apple. Re-climb stairs. Hang out the rest of the washing ignoring the screams, calls for help, apples, juice, dummies, etc etc etc etc.

And this is why I get nothing done. That and my internet addiction.


  1. Ha ha! SO TRUE! It's hard to explain where the time goes but you've captured the scene so well.

  2. Me too. Sounds horribly familiar.


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