Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Somehow I managed to read

At the start of the year I decided to do one of those lists of things I wanted to 'do' this year. Really it's a bit like one of those 30 before 30 lists, but I'm going to be 37 in April and not only does that seem like a bit of a stretch to get 37 things done before then, but I also struggled to get past 33 things.

At the moment I don't seem to have made much progress, but March is going to be a good month. I've got 2 things planned under the category of 'do something different' which I am quite excited about. One of which was Stevie's idea and it's happening this weekend, the other was my idea and is happening later in the month and I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that it includes a big foam finger!

But I realised that I had been managing to read a bit more this year. I have a massive pile of books that Carmella sent over and I am desperate to read all the Steig Larsson books she gave me but I keep getting distracted by other books. There are too many books I want to read though for me to make any headway with the '100 book challenge'. it's just not happening for me. Not that I thought I'd be able to get through all 62(?) from that list that I haven't read, but I doubt I will even read one or two off that list this year. Let's put it this way, there's a book about sheep detectives in Hugendubel that I want to read far more than War & Peace. So you can see what I've been reading on my new page 'somehow...I read' which possibly should be known as the 37 book challenge. I do like my goals to be easily achievable.

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