Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Orla's Doll's House - Totally, utterly finished

It's done. The client 'amends' were submitted and agreed, and I finally finished Orla's dolls house. I like it. I sat on the floor in her room in the dark last night, painstakingly setting out all 100 little bits of furniture so that it would be ready for her to play with today.

I think she got to see it all set up beautifully, but perhaps only briefly, because then I saw that Destructor Boy had been in and sorted it back out onto the floor probably in a fraction of the time that it took me. Oh, those pesky kids!


  1. Wow,talented to say the least. What a super mum can't believe you made that!
    Thanks for following my Berliner blog Fiona:)

  2. Thanks, Relle. It's nice to read about life in Berlin from another persepective. i.e. youthful ....sniff, sniff, off to have a cry now!


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