Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"Everyone's going to tell me I'm so beautiful!"

Throwing some witchy shapes

Im Shrank, not wanting to go home

It was Karnival day today at Kita to celebrate Fasching. Orla has been super excited by this for about a week. And for once Hamish actually wanted to go to Kita. But I think he thought we were all going to party together. His first disappointment was that I didn't get dressed up as a tiger or a baby jaguar this morning, and his second was when he found out our contribution to the buffet was to be 3 jars of olives, and not three massive bags of Smarties.

Orla was over the moon to be heading out into the streets of Berlin dressed as a witch. I was totally behind her when she exclaimed joyously "Everyone's going to tell me I'm so beautiful!". Indeed they are, my love, and then they're probably going to ask why you've not got any 'Handschuhe' on seeing as it's still a bit parky out.

Hamish decided that he would fox everybody and go as Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden. It was that or a spider, and I think it's just as well the spider costume didn't win as it's both completely synthetic and padded thus making for a super-sweaty Hamish - though perhaps better for the German weather outdoors.

Only one boy from Guana knew who Hamish was. The teacher asked Hamish to sit on her knee and tell her all about his costume. But I doubt even I could describe what happens in In The Night Garden in German especially that whole weird thing they have going on with the scale of everything.

Anyway, they both had loads of fun and when I came to collect them they locked themselves "im Shrank" because they wanted to stay longer. The most successful day at Kita I think we've had, I'd say! If only every day could be a party.

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  1. Yay :) Also thank you, I've not heard the word 'parky' in years; am going to reintroduce it into my vocabulary forthwith.


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