Friday, 25 March 2011

Tschuss Berlin, hello child-free weekend!

That's all the money I'm taking, so the presents will be rubbish, kids

I am dreading it. Suddenly I have a big knot in my stomach that's telling me I really should just hang about here with the kids, and not go galavanting off to see my friends in Derby. Eek. Though I am looking forward to seeing them (loads - in case any of them are reading this), and I am looking forward to having some good sleep, and I am looking forward to reading a magazine on the plane without two smallish people climbing over me non-stop.

But, I'm not even properly packed yet, and already I'm missing them!


  1. I was going to say what workingberlinmum said but I've just realised that if you went for the weekend then you're probably back, in which case I hope you had a marvellous time and stocked up on lots of Knorr. And I love oyur owl bag. Why is it that I am seeing owls ALL THE TIME at the moment? They are EVERYWHERE. It must be some kind of sign. Maybe that I am extremely wise?

  2. Yes, I'm back, and it was lovely, and all the lovelier to see the kids when I returned. And yes, isn't my owl bag lovely? I love it too! It's from Paperchase. I was in there on Saturday and they have even lovelier stuff....just look at my new u-bahn monthly ticket holder ( I'm in love!

  3. ...and yes, I think you might know me too well, Frau Dietz. There's a possibility I may yet have a box of Knorr chicken stock cubes in my owl bag waiting to be unpacked.

  4. A-MAZING. And I have a ticket holder from Paperchase :D but not that one :( ps jealous of stock cubes.


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